Software development: Sooo many methodologies

Dev Process
Dev Process, from Chet Haase's Blog

A friend just pointed me to this older blog post by Chet Haase (his blog), titled Crystal Methodology. He is describing different methodologies of how to develop software and has some interesting twists added to every single one.

One example excerpt:


In the Scrum development model, the focus is on short iterations and constant communication. The Scum model, however, focuses on the individual. In particular, each engineer works completely on his or her own, producing code at an alarming rate. Changes are integrated and merged willy-nilly, causing untold breakage due to the complete lack of communication. At each fault, the offending code, putback, and engineer are indentified as scum and are tossed out of the project (this step is called “Hack-n-rack”). The resulting code and team are thereby better over time, having weaned out the weak members through natural selection. As it’s inventor, Dr. Feen Bookle, PhD, Mrs, QED, JRE, said at its unveiling at the Conference On Terribly Important Academic Philosophies and Theories on Software Process Methodology Discoveries (CTEAPTSPMD), “Scum will always float to the top. Skim it off and you’ve got just the juicy bits left. Plus the bottom-feeders.”

If you spent hours, days, week or years in the field of software development, so basically spent your life with developing software, you will really enjoy this read! 🙂

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