How to: Harden WordPress – Great Presentation on Security

Wordpress securityI found a great presentation about WordPress security which shows some great ways to harden your WordPress installation. This is very important if your’re hosting you own version of WordPress.

In this presentation you’ll find out about:

  • How to do regular database backups
  • Changing your administrator account user name
  • How to change your security keys: ensure better encryption of your sessions
  • Always update WordPress and all of your plugins
  • How to create strong passwords
  • Folder & file permissions
  • How to remove the WordPress version number from your html source
  • Enable SSL Login & admin access
  • Limit access to specific IPs
  • Change the Wordpess database table prefix
  • Userful Security Plugins

Wanted to share it with everyone. Enjoy!

Protecting WordPress from the Inside Out

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Another great resource about WordPress security you can find here on the WordPress codex page about hardening WordPress.

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