Recession advertising: Is your startup on the right track?

 Are you a startup in the Online advertising business? The econnomy is in a very shaky state and many companies think about their future.

This is what the Google Trends graph looks like for the search term “recession”:

Google Trends - Recession
Google Trends: term “recession” in searches and news.

I found a great article on “Futuristic Play by Andrew Chen” called Online advertising during a recession: 5 key trends for ad-based startups

Ultimately, the dynamics here are complex and uncertain, but here some of the key trends worth watching if you’re an advertising-based startup:

  1. Accelerating movement of offline to online ad spend
  2. Brand areas weak, direct response will be less affected
  3. Weak areas to watch: Video, social networks, communication, etc.
  4. Rise of direct-to-consumer revenues?
  5. Timing is everything

A very interesting read, lots of good facts and links to other articles in there. Another good source with tips and advices is the article on folio called Selling Advertising in a Recession – How to convince marketers now is a good time to buy.

There could be a recession coming—or not—but some advertisers are behaving as if one has already started. Responding to media buyers looking to cut ad budgets has become a priority.

Let me know what your strategy is and if you have other great articles covering this topic.

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