eBay searches for future growth

eBay’s growth slowed down in the last year(s). One of the major reactions to slowing down growth rates is to shift from a seller-centric approach to a buyer-centric approach. A sea change! For now the main focus is to advance search results (as eBay has a ever changing inventory).

In a recent article from FastCompany titled “eBay’s Chaos Theory” we learn:

“We haven’t even released an eighth of what we’ve done,” says Billingsley. “That’s what excites me. It hasn’t even begun.” Customized pages are in the works. More social-commerce features. An eBay to Go widget with your favorite auction listings to post on your Web site or your MySpace page, complete with a clock to remind you to bid before it’s too late. It all sounds good.

I am very curious how the currently introduced and the upcoming changes will help eBay to get back to a higher growth rate of soled items. Exciting times!

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