Ever wanted to teach?

There are many new sites coming up. This one is really trying to change another field: teaching. You can create own courses at: nuvvo. Give it a try!

eLearning is something that will rapidly develop in the coming years. Now everybody can do the teaching. Is this giving us better material to learn from? Let’s find out!

2 thoughts on “Ever wanted to teach?

  1. Hi Marco
    I have been using Nuvvo in my Math classes to have the older students discuss and design on line learning courses for younger students. They have taken some of the challenging and not so challenging math concepts and used the tools provided by nuvvo…video, audio, blogging etc to develope some great courses. The older students working in teams have really come together and some unlikely stars have emerged..self esteem is up and so is their interst in math. The younger ones love the interaction with their older “heroes” and according to their teacher are taking more interst in Math. We can’t wait to see if this improves their test result both of us are sure it will.
    I am writing this because nuvvo is a wonderful free resource that teachers and their students can access. More of them should know about it…Thanks

  2. Thanks for your insight, Chuck! That sounds like a big success! Like to see more of this type of teaching used everywhere.

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