1st Radio Interview ever using VoIP on an Airplane

Do you still think that big equipment is needed to make a live radio interview? And let’s further add the fact that you are traveling on a plane from Europe to the U.S.?

Than have a look: Insert (WS_in_LH_456_3.jpg) and Insert (LH_Skype_2.jpg)

Wolf Siegert is claiming to be the first (again) this time doing a radio interview via VoIP while traveling on an air plane. You can read more of it on his page (in German) at DayByDay. Including the radio interviews.

If you still wander what the radio interviews are about: Wolf Siegert is on his way to the NAB Show 2006 in Las Vegas and talking about the change of technology (Availability of IP/Internet while traveling in trains and (now) planes) and his expectations of the show.

The connection is working this way:
Lufthansa has installed WiFi (W-Lan) on their planes. So the connection from the Laptop is established using WiFi available for everyone on the plane. The signal is than transmitted via satellite to the ground being “normal” Internet communication than…

Let me know what stunts you have done while up in the air and what you think this can enable!

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