Media Planning in a Web2.0 World

A very interesting post from Darren Herman (his blog: over at How to Plan Media in a Non-Linear World :

We live in a non-linear world but are taught linear business processes. Yikes. We’re doomed. Grab the Starburst and let’s head down to the cellar to hide.

It’s 2008. Wake up. Drink some Patron and lets start thinking rational: How do we harness our non-linear world?

New digital brief given to [insert agency name] by a client.
“Can someone put together a ComScore run?”
RFP the top 25 on the list
Media planning time …
Linear thinking would lead us to pick the same process over time and usually select the top sites on the list and work with them. Non-linear forces us to work harder and sometimes, chaotic, but allows us to participate in a non-linear world much better. With this said, we need to start developing the tools, processes and technologies to harness our knowledge in a non-linear world. I haven’t seen many tools that do this, but I’m certainly willing to listen.

Darren is asking for input on new ways and tools/technologies to support and tap into the new possibilities which arise in this very fragmented Online world.I think the “chaotic element” is what makes this question really challenging. How do you account = plan for this?

Are you gunning for the big properties or what is your process to target your audience?

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Bizak Web20 Aplication

Check out the new site called bizak – The Web… Quantified.

You go to the website, enter “your biz numbers” and receive and estimate, called The Bizak Estimate. It creates an apples to apples comparison and benchmark that can be used as a starting point for comparative purposes.

The Site is created by Tom O’Keefe, you find further info about him on his site here:

Bizak is a business network which computes the profitability of internet startups and connects entrepreneurs with investors.

Entrepreneurs – compute your business valuation, compare your performance to the industry and connect with investors.

Investors – evaluate the earnings potential of internet startups, compare them to industry benchmarks, and connect with entrepreneurs.

Student Entrepreneurs – are you a student entrepreneur? Bizak can help!

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Web 2.0 Germany

I would like to list some of the start-ups coming from Germany and review them on a regular basis. I am thinking of giving them a permanent page soon.

Some of them are already well established like:

Some are upcoming and going fast:

  • QYPE (reviews of places) and
  • Plazes (where do I find what, being Swiss based(!), integrates now with GoogleMaps, Skype and a mobile version is coming up)

Further upcoming sites:

Feel invited to add further sites and information about them.

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