SEO: Copywriting made simple – Scribe optimizes your posts

Scribe SEO

Do you sometimes wonder if there is still some tweak which needs to be done to your post to optimize your content for search engines?

If you don’t than you might miss out on a lot of organic traffic from search engines. There are many rules to follow to make your content perform best and to appear at the top of search results. It starts with the content you create, but it is important to come up with an optimal headline (and length), keywords you place at the right positions of you text, meta description & keywords, etc. etc.

If you want to optimize the SEO process than you should check out the new service is called Scribe SEO. It’s available as a WordPress plugin and web/stand alone version. You have the choice between 3 subscription levels:

  • Starter (30 evaluations, $27/m.)
  • Publisher (120 evaluations, $47/m.)
  • Advanced (300 evaluations, $97/m.)

After you completed your post than you run Scribe (counts as 1 evaluation) and it produces a report with scores and suggestions to further optimize your content, keywords, headline, etc. The tool is available here: Scribe SEO

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