Online backup, storage and sharing – aka the Cloud – MobileMe vs Live Mesh vs Dropbox

In my last post covering cloud computing i wrote about – Online File Exchange Revisited. They offer a very easy way to quickly share documents, photos, files etc. with your friends (including enabeling upload for them or everyone into “your box”).

These services are now more and more evolving into backup, storage, sharing and sync services. Enabling you to sync your data between several computers, sharing some of our data with friends, your data gets backup on these services and all your data is accessible Online, too!

Two big companies offering these services are Apple and Microsoft:

Apple Mobile Me logoMobileMe: Launching soon – syncing all your data between the (Apple) computers your own, including your shiny new iPhone 3G 🙂 But wait your Windows PCs will work now with this service, too!

Live Mesh LogoLive Mesh: Currently in a TechPreview phase and not opened up tot he public. Your can sync between Windows PCs and an MacOS and cell phone clients are in the works.

Dropbox logoAnd we have a startup as a contender, too. They have developed a super easy application to enable all this for you. They work on MacOS and Windows: Dropbox

Do you have other services in this space you like to add to my list? Feel free to leave your comment. Thanks!

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