Video Twitter (?): Seesmic

Only a short post as they are still in alpha. Check out : Seesmic – “The dashboard for your videos”. You find a longer review on techcrunch: “Loic Le Meur’s New Startup Launches: Seesmic“.

The service can be described as a video based Twitter, although it is also much more than that. The grand vision behind Seesmic is for it to become a very open online video/television service where people are constantly interacting around both user generated and professional content.

The startup is co-founded by Loïc Le Meur (Organizer of LeWeb3 – Dec 11-12 ’07, in Paris, France) who recently re-located to San Francisco. Stay tuned!

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Podcasting, Audio, Video and iTunes

There is a really good article on Wired today: podcasting after iTunes. If you want to learn the (still short and young) history of podcasting give it a read!

You also gets a little into video podcasting or video blogging. The ratio audio-video is about 10-to-1. And if we take the whole picture we maybe have text-audio-video radio of 100-to-10-to-1. So maybe if you plan to “do something” with blogging… You will find less competition with rising “production efforts”. But on the other side video will be consumed less time than e. g. audio…

What will you go for?

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ION media player for podcasts and the Web

This time i would like to introduce ION: a java based player for media on the Web. A few days ago a new version ha come out that is really great! Use it!

From the Site comes the following description. Experience the Media Web:

A Media Console: ION makes it easy for you to find, manage and experience rich media content on the web. Once you have ION installed, you can subscribe to your favorite content, search multiple media search engines at once, create playlists, and share your favorite content with your friends.

An Open Media Player: When you find the content you want, ION will playback the media for you. It supports most media file formats, so you can sit back and enjoy videos from Yahoo! Video, YouTube, Grouper, Revver or anywhere, in one player. You an also enjoy audio podcasts and songs by indy artists.

ION also provides photocasting technology so that you can subscribe to photo feeds from Flickr (say that really fast!) and other photo-sharing sites that support Syndication.

Media Delivered Automatically

Subscribe to Content Feeds: ION allows you to subscribe to media feeds such as podcasts and video blogs. You can set ION to auto-download the content so that it is waiting for you and ready to play. Every day ION will go out and retrieve new content from your subscribed feeds.

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