Jupiter: DVR Ad Skipping Threatens $8B in Advertising

A recent article on MarketingVOX shows that traditional TV really has to think about marketing revenues. DVR are used to skip the commercials. Find the full article here.

We will see if the Ad-Supported Internet-Channels of CBS (launched today) and Upfront will help to boost revenues again…
Find more in the Article on Broadcasting & Cable.

Which way to go to find new sources of revenue?

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Your PC-TV: Yahoo! Go

Yahoo has launched a public beta of their new DVR-Music-Video-DPG Platform: Yahoo! Go. You get all the Content of Yahoo and more aggregated into a PC-Media Platform. The beta looks promising. You can even see what films are playing in a theater near you and watch previews. What else: share Photos, News etc.
But still I have the impression that we still speak of a PC not a TV with Internet…. What do you think? Is this the future?

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Watch On-Demand and are we all getting Mini-TV-Producers?

Today, I came across this interesting article on AdAge.com: Should Local TV Embrace Consumer-Created Content?

It shows that there is (finally) something changing in the TV arena!
Added to the facts that we are able to buy TV contents at e.g. iTunes or watch the shows on the broadcasters Website. On their websites you can watch for free but have to see a (no-skip) commercial up-front… Will we ever get rid of the 30 sec. spots?

But until then we can enjoy all the little videos of all the people out there. If we want…


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